Silhouette of an Unknown Landscape by Shubha Taparia

Press and private view: Tuesday 2 April, 6.30-8.30pm, includes 10-minute meditation event at 7.30pm

Exhibition dates: 3-19 April. Thurs-Sun 6:30-8pm

Opening publically 3 April 2019 in the artist’s studio, Shubha Taparia’s vast site-specific installation of light, shadow and sound, Silhouette of an Unknown Landscape, continues a longstanding engagement with the everyday. Inspired by encounters with sunlight on scaffolding seen in an urban environment, the arrangement reveals an extraordinary aesthetic of shadow and light. The use of industrial materials reveals an unexpected beauty in the seemingly mundane.

Materials traditionally used to conceal, support or contain, have been transformed into subjects in their own right. Re-presented, these usually overlooked materials are raised both literally and conceptually; suspended six meters above the viewer, this installation consists of a temporary scaffolding structure of tubes, boards, gates and ladders; lattice bracing, shipping pallets, gin-wheel rope and rubble netting; perforated aluminium and the branches of local trees. A single sheet of polyethylene shrink-wrap – traditionally used to conceal scaffold – encloses the composition, which inhabits a 28 x 10m area in the rafters of the artist’s studio.

Composing the installation much like a musical symphony, Taparia has also designed a sound piece for meditation that incorporates the urban sounds of the mundane collected from her travels. It encourages the viewer to pause through visual harmonies, counterpoints, crescendos and moments of quiet. These arrangements promote a contemplative state, as do the viewer’s footsteps and whispers, which echo throughout the studio when viewing. With this aural intervention the viewer becomes part of the work, a presence that the artist documents with a sound recording.

As in past series such as Vistas (2016), Mesh (2015-2016) and Illumination (2014), Taparia look to alter common perceptions to unearth awe in unseen places. Silhouette of an Unknown Landscape is a transient arrangement made exclusively for the site forming a single fictional landscape, illuminated from within.