Yeti is working with BREMF – the Brighton Early Music Festival – and the 2019 programme is all about change and changing times. With its theme of ‘Metamorphosis’, the Festival will present 27 events across Brighton and Hove this autumn, exploring transformation in many intriguing ways.

A caterpillar and a butterfly are still fundamentally the same animal, and within music and the arts similar transformations have produced wonderful and unexpected creations through the ages. Taking Ovid’s classic stories from his Metamorphoses as its starting point, the 2019 festival will explore the theme of metamorphosis, with the best of established and emerging talent.

From Bach recoloured on synthesisers played by leading baroque specialists, and Hildegard ‘transfigured’ with light and projections, to music dramas and plenty of family/community events there really is something for everyone this year!

The festival will run from 25 October to 10 November 2019, culminating in a 21st-century take on the topsy turvy medieval Feast of Fools.