Women can learn to be confident and take control of their mind and bodies with St Augustine’s Holistic Therapies

In the year that marks the Suffragette Centenary, there has been a huge surge forward for women, however with consistent and constant news about gender pay gap or about other news of how women are being held back due to their gender alone, there is now an opportunity for women to gain a new confidence and/or a deeper understanding of their bodies through two innovative and unique treatments available at the brand new St Augustine’s Holistic Therapieswhich opens on 16 April.

Set in the stunningly renovated Grade 2 Listed St Augustine’s Centre near Preston Park, St Augustine’s Holistic Therapies is offering a unique variety body massages and complimentary counselling treatments, many of which (such as Arvigo, Polarity Therapy and cannot be found anywhere else in Brighton.

Two therapies especially aimed at empowering women are:

Thea Anderson who is a Bold Soul Life Coach with clients all over the world. She has an innate ability to ‘tune in’ to people and help them have the clarity, courage and commitment to bring their wonderful talents out, go for bold goals, strike out on adventures and to be the highest version of themselves. Thea particularly specialises in supporting women who are creative, sensitive and spiritual, who desire to be courageous or who feel they’d love to be using their talents more.

Nalini who is a Women’s Wellbeing specialist and Scar Therapist. The bespoke sessions with Nalini offer therapy and support and teach techniques and practices for continued well-being, putting women in charge of their lives. Her Scar Therapy involves the healing and integration of physical scars through the techniques of ScarWork and Myofascial Bodywork can help with any post-op or injury scars including joint replacement, mastectomy, open heart surgery, C-Section, burns, whiplash, sports injuries, self-harm scarring, drain sites and skin grafts. For Women’s Wellbeing Nalini is able to guide women and help them embrace their menstruality and menopause. Her own menopause journey allows her to share her experience and offer assistance to guide her clients back to their own innate wisdom.

*Both Nalini and Thea are available for interview to talk about their experience of empowering women and how this work can be invaluable to help with health, life changes and emotional issues.

St Augustine’s Centre has been given a new lease of life after being redundant and unloved for over 10 years is now a home for the Arts, Wellbeing & Spiritual sectors. With the new Space Yoga Studio within the building, just opened at the beginning of April, and an ambitious programme of arts events, Artworks, taking place during Brighton Fringe in May, St Augustine’s Centre’s is becoming established as a home for the creative, wellbeing and spiritual community in Brighton.

Full information is available at http://www.brightonstaugustinescentre.co.uk/holistic-therapies

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